Even with CDC guidance, not everyone is comfortable taking off their mask


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Throughout the pandemic Yale Medicine Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu who has urged caution. He now has a positive message about bringing back a part of life as we knew it.

“The time is right I think those who are fully vaccinated enjoy the pleasures of engaging in outdoor activities and in some settings indoor activities without needing to wear masks,” says Dr. Ogbuagu.

The CDC came out with new masking guidelines advising that fully vaccinated people no longer to wear masks in doors or outdoors.

Some people may want to continue wearing masks because they do protect against what other people could be transmitting.

Doctor Ogbuagu says those with compromised immune systems should continue wearing masks because they do not get a high level of protection from the vaccine.

“I think if you’re living with a vulnerable individual, if you are vulnerable individual I think in that limited context I think that subset of individual should definitely keep some of those precautions.

Wearing masks to protect others in case people have the virus and no symptoms was an important measure. That has changed with people vaccinated.

“When you’re vaccinated you’re also highly less likely to transmit because even if you do carry the virus because so many fold lower amount of virus in your airway compared to those who are unvaccinated.”

As for people judging others for their choice of mask or no mask, the doctor hopes that people do not try to stigmatize others over their choice. Some people do not have a choice.

“There are vulnerable individuals for infection so if I see someone wearing a mask I would just assume that there’s a reason they are doing that and think the best of it,” says Dr. Oneyma.

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