Firework safety tips during July 4th holiday


(WTNH) — Many towns have impressive fireworks shows in store over the next couple days. Public safety officials are asking everyone to leave the fireworks to the professionals. 

Bradley Point in West Haven is a beautiful spot any summer night, but on Tuesday night the sky will light up with a terrific show for everyone to see. 

It begs the question, why risk injury and prosecution by trying to put on your own show?

Let’s face it, no matter how much you spent at that store in New Hampshire, you’re not going to do nearly as good a job as the professionals. 

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Plus, authorities say they see 11,000 accidents involving fireworks around every July 4th. 

Remember, the only fireworks that are legal in Connecticut are sparklers and fountains. If it shoots something up in the air or explodes, it is not legal here and you get in trouble with police if you fire them off. 

Even the legal ones can be dangerous. 

Experts say read the label first, have a bucket of water and a garden hose nearby, wear safety glasses and only light one at a time.

If you’ve got a dud, don’t try to re-light it, drown it in that bucket of water. 

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If you are setting off your own illegal fireworks, keep in mind there are a lot of people in the community for whom explosions are an unwelcome reminder of their service in uniform.

“So if you know of a veteran who has served in combat, please be cognizant of them and if it does have a negative impact on their experiences while they served this great country, please take that into consideration,” said Chief Reggie Freeman of the Hartford Fire Department.

Someone else needs special consideration and that if your four-legged friends.

I know you want to spend time with them this 4th of July, but don’t bring them to a fireworks show. All those explosions will drive them nuts. They may try to run away, so this is a good day to make sure your dog has the corr rect ID on their collar.

If you live near a place where they set off fireworks, keep Rover or Fluffy in an interior room as far away from the noise as possible and where they can’t escape.

Not that you need it in this heat, but backyard fire pits can be dangerous too. 

Make sure you have a bucket or hose nearby in case the wrong thing catches fire and don’t throw garbage into a fire. Some things can explode and hurt people.

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