Foods to avoid as government shutdown continues

(WTNH) - It's been almost one month since the partial government shutdown began, and the effects can be felt almost everywhere.

State parks.


But what about your food?

The FDA, the agency in charge of making sure the food we eat is safe, stopped some routine food safety inspections when the shutdown began.

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It also was forced to furlough thousands of workers.

This week, some of those employees were brought back to resume some of the "high risk" inspections without pay.

This situation has some safety advocates concerned.

So, what do they say you can do to protect yourself?

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1. Stay away from pre-packaged fresh foods, like salads and sandwiches.

2. Stick to things you have control over cooking at home

3. Make sure to wash and rinse all produce properly.

4. Stick to brand names you know and trust

5. Be especially diligent if you're pregnant, have children or a compromised immune system.

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