Getting a jump start on healthy choices

It's hands-on learning at the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk. So much to do, so much to learn, for kids of all ages.

On this day, there was a demo from chef Mike Jacabacci. 

He says, "You guys are going to help me make a spinach pasta..This is 100% whole wheat flour." 

Activities like this are among the ingredients of the Healthy Children/Healthy Communities Initiative at Stepping Stones.

Kimberly Kuta Dring says, "It's really based on community need and what a lot of research was finding over the past 10 - 15 years that children who don't have positive health interactions and supports early in life will often suffer later in life.  They can suffer from health perspective, they can suffer academically."   

This is Healthyville Cafe, where a variety of healthy options are offered, from chips -- fruits - to yogurt.
No sodas  - and nothing fried here.    

Chef Jacabacci says, "Now is the best time as they grow, they'll understand it, they've already, in the years ahead, they'll already know how to eat healthy, they know of better choices.  And why we don't eat a lot of sugar, why we don't eat refined sugar."   
Outside -  upbeat music has arms and legs moving -- all aimed at supporting families get a jumpstart on positive health from cradle to career.

They're lessons the children are gobbling up.

Anastasios Panagiotidis says, "Turnips, you eat turnips? Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  Why do you eat so healthy? Because I don't want to get sick and get diabetes when I grow up." 

"I love every type of vegetables except for all those ones like Kale, that I have not tried before," says Alonso Martin.  

 What about the spinach pasta? 

Asked if he would eat it, Eli Ziegler says, "Maybe. Do you like to eat vegetables? well I like carrots a little." 

It's summer fun -- mixed in with a hearty portion of education.  

Stepping Stones Museum for Children is open seven days a week. 

A great place to go - especially if you're tracking your steps for the One Billion Steps Challenge - co-sponsored by WTNH and Griffin Health.


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