(WTNH) – In today’s health headlines, a new study about THC in CBD edibles. Plus, the toll stomach bugs are taking this season.

THC is the active chemical in marijuana and now with recreational marijuana now legal in Connecticut, it’s important to know about the levels. Under controlled circumstances, a new study reveals the effects of THC and CBD on the body and how they work when combined, which is the case in some edibles.

“[The study] found that when people took the same amount of THC with CBD, THC levels in the blood went way higher,” said Dr. F. Perry Wilson. “The cognitive impairment was worse, hear rates and anxiety went up, and so far, from being something that kind of takes the edge off, marijuana, CBD seems to make it worse.”

Doctors are seeing a 30% increase in stomach bugs, which are norovirus infections.

“It’s notable for just how infectious it is,” Dr. Wilson said. ” It spreads through households very, very quickly. That being said, it is not an airborne virus, it is transmitted by contact, and so the best way to avoid a norovirus infection is to be really good about washing your hands.”

Dr. Wilson says some evidence suggests washing with soap and water might even be better than hand sanitizer, but of course, hand sanitizer is better than nothing.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day, there is a new study on chocolate. The FDA for the first time have approved that some chocolate products or cocoa containing products can say they’re heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“So, this is not a Hershey’s bar at the checkout counter,” Dr. Wilson said. “This is going to be some real specialty dark chocolates that in small amounts might protect the heart a little bit, but you don’t have free rein to go through the entire box of heart shaped chocolates that you’re going to get tomorrow.”

More research on how the COVID updated booster vaccination helps to keep people out of the ICU and now appears to work in cutting the rates of long-COVID, which we’ll be hearing about for years to come.