HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The cold temperatures coming into Connecticut this Friday could be dangerous or even deadly. Hospital emergency departments are preparing to treat patients for hypothermia and frostbite.

“It can start with easily reversible causes like just being exposed to cold weather all the way to loss of life and limbs if that’s not corrected quickly,” said Hartford Healthcare Emergency medicine Physician Chris Carey.

Dr. Carey said they have ways of treating frostbite in the emergency room and explained what to watch out for, if your skin becomes exposed to the frigid air.

It’s going to feel like -30 in Connecticut. How to stay safe

“You can have numbness in your fingers, toes, face, nose, mouth or lips and that can progress all the way to a white or waxy discoloration of your extremities,” Dr. Carey said.

Doctors say not to place cold hands or feet in hot water, which could cause more damage to the skin. Instead, doctors recommend soaking your extremities in warm water. Doctors say to place a washcloth with warm water on the areas that can’t be submerged like the nose or ears.

Dr. Carey also recommends people wear loose layers for protection to trap heat. He said wearing a hat, a face cover, even a scarf and layered, loose clothing helps keep in a lot more body heat if you do have to be out.