ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) — Rocky Hill Pediatrics has been busy seeing sick children since kids began heading back to school.

“While we’re seeing a lot of COVID we’re also starting to see some RSV, bronchiolitis, and a variety of other fall viruses,” Dr. Jenny Schwab said.

Schwab chairs the Connecticut Children’s Care Network of more than 200 pediatricians in the state.

“We’ve even had to hospitalize a few of our younger patients with COVID, so the fall has really started off with a bang,” Schwab said.

She said the younger kids with COVID-19 who had to be hospitalized were not vaccinated and were wheezing with mild respiratory distress.

Since January, Schwab said 1,200 kids have died from COVID-19 in the nation, which is why the vaccine is encouraged.

“For us, as pediatricians, it’s really to say gosh even the little ones can benefit from the COVID vaccines which we are strongly encouraging for all children 6 months and up,” she said.

Doctors are also urging parents to get their kids a flu shot, with a bad year predicted.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics is saying flu by boo. They’re hoping to get everyone vaccinated by Halloween to really allow us to enter this flu season better prepared,” Schwab said.

She says the flu is particularly dangerous to kids under the age of 3.

“We’re not vaccinating against mild disease. We’re vaccinating to keep your kid out of the emergency room or out of the hospital for both flu and COVID,” Schwab said.