NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut is currently in a new COVID-19 situation with testing at an all-time low and a rising positivity rate, according to Yale Medicine physician F. Perry Wilson.

“The positivity rate really doesn’t mean the same thing that it did a year ago,” Wilson said. “So many people are not testing at home and not reporting their results to state agencies.”

The White House just said they anticipate 100 million new COVID cases in the U.S. this fall and winter, as people move inside.

“We have to be prepared that infections are going to rise and infections are going to fall, so whatever you can do to protect yourself, which means get vaccinated and be careful in those large indoor crowds, you should probably continue to do,” Wilson said.

He says now health officials are tracking things like the consequences of infections, which includes hospitalizations.

“I can say that hospitalizations are going up in Connecticut for COVID and that suggests that we are in the midst of something that’s the beginning of a wave.”

But Wilson does not expect it to be as significant as the omicron wave.

There is a new term called “medium COVID” where someone has a mild initial infection like a runny nose but goes on to get hit hard with fatigue after recovery.

About a week to ten days later, they just feel really beat down, their exercise tolerance is lower this is not severe enough to land anyone in the hospital but it’s definitely a phenomenon that’s out there.

As for our summer COVID forecast, Wilson said he expects that cases should go down like in prior summers.