NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — There is a surge in children’s respiratory viruses nationwide, including at children’s hospitals in Connecticut.

“Things like RSV, respiratory syncytial, virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus, a variety of others. We’re seeing that here at Yale as well, with a lot of kids in the emergency department,” said Yale Medicine Physician F. Perry Wilson. “Most kids are going to do fine with these, but kids who have asthma or other underlying conditions can get pretty sick.”

Wilson said if you are worried about your kids being sick enough to go to the ER, talk to your pediatrician.

“In particular, if a child is wheezing a lot, certainly, if they feel if they’re lethargic, if they’re not responsive, if you have a young child, an infant that you can’t console that is very irritable and even when you hold can’t be consoled,” Wilson said.

He urges everyone to get a flu shot this year, which is already active with many cases being seen.

“Flu can be serious,” Wilson said. “The vaccine is effective, so go and get it.”

A new study shows that the current five-day quarantine period for COVID-19 may not be enough. It involves healthy, COVID-vaccinated college athletes which revealed that 1 in 4 was still testing positive for COVID-19 seven days after infection.

“It’s very likely that after five days, many people are still infectious and it would be reasonable to require a negative antigen test before you go back into society,” Wilson said.”The CDC is not recommending that, but I think if you do want to protect others after you have a COVID positivity, be careful.”