New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) — There may be some positive news regarding the skyrocketing cases of the flu.

“Over the past week or so flu cases seem to be leveling off,” Yale Medicine Dr. F. Perry Wilson said. “As opposed to being sort of an epically disastrous flu season that we’re in the beginning of maybe it’s just a very early flu season, an early bad flu season that we’re in the middle of.”

Dr. Wilson said it is too early to know for sure, but he is hopeful that flu cases will continue to level off. He does not want people to let their guard down though pointing out that we still are in the midst of heavy flu right now.

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He encourages people to get their new round of free at-home rapid COVID tests. Ordering is fast and easy for four free tests.

Dr. Wilson says with so much holiday mingling test if you have symptoms, and also if you’re visiting someone vulnerable or hospitalized.

“Doing a COVID test before you visit that person, even if you’re asymptomatic, might protect them significantly,” Dr. Wilson said.

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And new information on people who lose their sense of taste and smell after getting a covid infection, which happens to half of those who get infected.

“What we know now according to a new study is that the antibody level in people with those symptoms tends to be higher,” Dr. Wilson said the silver lining is that those people may be slightly more protected.