NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Many more doses of the new bivalent covid booster are now arriving at pharmacies and other locations.

The Pfizer version has already rolled out and is recommended for people 12 and up. Moderna’s new booster for those 18 and up, is now also rolling out after the FDA conducted extra safety inspections at some plants. That delayed initial distribution.

“I think it’s actually probably reassuring to the public to know that there is a whole backstop there to make sure that these vaccines not just are safe to get approved, but safe when they’re getting made,” says Yale Medicine Physician Arjun Venkatesh.

Covid vaccines for young children were approved in June, but the CDC reports less than 10% of kids under 5 are vaccinated.

“We have better data about a lot of young kids that have been vaccinated safely, I think parents are going to really have to sort of help get their kids vaccinated as we go into the fall if we want to avoid another surge,” explains Dr. Venkatesh.

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He says that kids can help fuel that surge by spreading the virus. Many can get covid without symptoms.

“I’m worried about them getting covid and spreading it, you know, to loved ones, older grandparents, you name it, and also about long covid.”

Something to consider with more time indoors coming, as well as holiday gatherings.

He points out that vaccinations are the best way to avoid getting covid.

The U.S. Preventative care task force, which advices on mammograms and colonoscopies came out with a big recommendation, that all adults under sixty-five be screened for anxiety. It is now a big issue.

“What we are seeing in the data is that it really picked up as a result of the isolation, everything from the pandemic, almost over 4 in 10 adults.”