HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Home rapid COVID tests use a technology that is not as reliable as PCR testing done in labs, but now there is a new PCR rapid test for COVID, RSV and the flu.

The tests are available at Physicianone Urgent Care locations. The nasal swab test has to be performed in person at a location where machines provide results of what you have.

Dr. Jeannie Kenkare, Physicianone Urgent Care founder and Chief Medical Officer explained the advantage of getting PCR test results in just 20 minutes.

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“So the earlier we can detect the faster we can treat and hopefully prevent some of the complications and horrible symptoms and progression of disease,” Dr. Kenkare said.

She explained the importance of PCR testing.

“Throughout the pandemic PCR has been the gold standard for diagnosing covid as we know,” Dr. Kenkare said.

The urgent care provider does virtual visits for sick people who can then make an appointment for a time to come in and get a test with no long wait.

Yale Medicine Infectious Diseases Dr. Albert Shaw explained what he has seen with covid in Connecticut as of late.

“Cases are up over 30% in the last two weeks and that’s almost certainly an underestimate because of all the rapid testing that gets done at home,” Dr. Shaw said.

He explained that wastewater sampling for covid is also up statewide and he says if you have not already, it’s a good time to get the updated covid bivalent booster shot to avoid being hospitalized.

He urges people to get the flu shot as well. Both can be given in the same appointment. Dr. Shaw also says that there is still a lot of flu activity in Connecticut.

“The last two weeks there have been over five thousand new cases reported. Influenza can be dangerous at any age but particularly in older adults and unlike covid it can be dangerous in young children as well,” Dr. Shaw said.