NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A recent study on aging revealed that cutting a participant’s caloric intake can alter their aging process. Scientists have participants reduce calories by 25% and add exercise for three months.

“They measured chemical modification of DNA, but also improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar, and also parameters of the immune system. So I think the exciting thing, even though the changes were very small, it said aging is a potentially modified viable factor,” Yale Medicine Dr. Albert Shaw said.

Scientists at LSU found decreased DNA damage that is linked with aging and age-related ailments including cancer.

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The nutritional value of eggs has been controversial over the years due to cholesterol issues. New research reveals that eating one to three eggs a week could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Shaw said the most important factor in cholesterol is saturated fat.

“Eggs are actually quite low in saturated fat. And so potentially, you know, and there are other foods that are in this category as well, certain shellfish, shrimp, also higher in cholesterol, low in saturated fat. Our mothers told us to eat our liver,” Dr. Shaw said.

Dr. Shaw also explained how major temperature shifts can affect your health.

“I think part of it is in the weather change, we gather more indoors, for example, where there’s more transmission of viruses and we’re more kind of crowded together as opposed to being outdoors,” Dr. Shaw said.