NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — If you were happy about a shorter, mild winter season,
it came with a price – more of those pesky ticks!

The increase in ticks, means people and pets are at risk of contracting tickborne illnesses. The tick that causes Lyme disease in people also causes the disease in pets.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health said deer ticks are found throughout the state and human illness has been found in every town. So, prevention is the best way to try and ensure your pet stays healthy.

Ticks becoming active year-round in Connecticut due to warmer winters

Although, one expert told News 8 that flea and tick prevention medications aren’t forcefields.

“People are often alarmed. I’m using prevention and I’m finding ticks on my dog. It doesn’t mean that the prevention isn’t working. And, because ticks can fall off of dogs and crawl onto you, after you go for your walks or your hikes, give them a little brush off. Look around for some ticks,” said Rachel Kaufman, VMD Veterinary Associates of Westville.

Kaufman also said that Lyme Disease isn’t the only tick-borne illness out there and with the shift in our climate, veterinarians see different kinds of diseases in Connecticut. If an animal is sick she said it’s an opportunity to address a potential underlying infection.

“You know your animal and if they’re not right, then it’s time to seek medical attention,” Kaufman said.