NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Beaches, parks, and outdoor attractions — Connecticut has a lot to offer. But with COVID-19, many are fearful about what to do this Memorial Day.

“We still need to be mindful that we are in the midst of a pandemic,” said Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jaimie Meyer with Yale Medicine. “That means maintaining social distancing [and] still wearing our cloth face mask.”

“Places you are visiting should not look like business as usual,” she pointed out. “There should be lots of extra precautions in place to keep people healthy and safe this weekend.”

Lacing up to hike or run?

“When people are out there running, they may be breathing harder, in which case it’s easier for them to spread the droplets further. So, maintaining as much distancing and still wearing those cloth facial coverings as a barrier [are still important].”

Should you try to avoid people out in the trails?

“As much as possible, yes,” she said. “Hopefully, you are both wearing facial coverings that will enable an extra layer of protection.”

Planning on going to the beach?

“My understanding is that people are asked to wear their masks at least when they are out of the water,” Dr. Meyer said. “You don’t want to wear the mask in the water because as they get wet, it makes it that much harder to breathe.”

What about small gatherings at home with people who have also quarantined?

“The recommendation is still to stay 6 feet apart and really not have close contact. Even if you are interacting with people outside of your immediate household.”

Guests inside or outside?

“I think outside, in general, is safer than inside,” Dr. Meyer said. “And hopefully the weather will allow for that this weekend and that really is because that just gives more space and more ability to socially distance.”

Dr. Meyer said all this is based on the high risk of the virus being transmitted person to person.

When it comes to swimming pools, Dr. Meyer sapid people have trouble being socially distant. That’s a decision she said you’ll have to make.