Conn. (WTNH) — Back-to-school time is when many parents book their kids for physicals, and if that child or teen plays sports, it’s required every year. However, even if your child isn’t in an organized sport, some doctors say that getting an annual physical is still very important.

“It’s always a good idea to get a sports physical, even if you haven’t played sports, because it can also identify other issues that might be going on,” Health Physicians primary care Doctor Margaret Rush said.

Dr. Rush went on to explain that physicals can identify any undiagnosed anxiety or depression issues. Additionally, Dr. Rush said it’s always a good idea to have the heart and lungs checked out, because especially in pandemic times, a physical can identify issues that aren’t always obvious.

“It’s also an opportunity for a lot of kids who may not have a lot of open communication or feel comfortable talking about issues at home it gives them another adult that they can talk to,” Dr. Rush said.

That one-on-one is where doctors and pediatricians are detecting more anxiety and mental health issues more recently. Keeping up-to-date on regular childhood vaccines is also an important part of a physical.

Dr. Rush said if your child is playing sports, it’s important to know how to identify concussions.

“Concussions can be subtle, there doesn’t have to be a major impact, or what appears to be a major impact, when they’re playing a sport, or even tripping, falling,” Dr. Rush said.

She said it’s important to know the warning signs.