NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Fitness Centers like mActivity see a surge in membership in January.

Many looking for just that right fit to get in to shape.

“The M in mActivity stands for mindful and what we mean by that here is that it’s about being present and in the moment, ” said co-owner Burch Valldejuli.

She recommends joining a health club sure to keep you motivated throughout the year.

“You want to feel at home in your skin when you are at a gym, that there are other people who look like you and are accepting,” said Valldejuli.

Working with a trainer can keep you on that fitness track.

“I made an appointment with a personal trainer so she could evaluate my strength and where my body’s weaknesses were,” said Member Terri Burditt.

Terri was concerned about over-exerting.

“I have some arthritis and I was worried I was going to make it worse,” said Burditt.

Learning about the equipment and making the correct moves are key to staying in shape.

“Statistics show about 50 percent of the people who join a gym, they might get an injury within six months and one of the reasons is, they are sometimes not familiar with the equipment and techniques,” said certified personal trainer Sergio Munoz.

He advises taking it easy after taking a break from a gym.

Moves like an incline push up for a less strenuous total body workout.

Done properly, it impacts the core, lower and upper body.

“Abdominal tight, shoulder blade back, chin in position, stay in a plank position,” said Munoz.

The squat targets similar areas.

For newbies Sergio says use something to sit on.

“Make sure to maintain weight on the heels, do not bring the knees in, not good for your knee or your lower back,” said Munoz.

Glutes back, hands forward, heels down.

A couple of sets every other day, Sergio says expect results in a few weeks to a month.