Local restaurants hold off on serving romaine


Lettuce is still on the menu at local restaurants, but not every eatery is serving romaine.

Claire Criscuolo, the owner of Claire’s Corner Copia, said, “We are going to wait. We are going to be abundantly cautious because we have people who come here who have children. We have pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems from the hospital. We want to make sure we are careful, as careful as we can be.”

The CDC pinpointed the E. coli outbreak came from six California counties. Experts say if you don’t know where your romaine was grown, don’t eat it.

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B-Natural Cafe took romaine off the menu and hasn’t put it back on. Gabi Merayo, the owner of B-Natural Cafe, said, “We want to make sure that everything is clear.” They’re serving up different options. Merayo added, “Even the sandwiches that we serve, they have romaine, they don’t mind getting it with the spinach or kale.”

Claire’s Corner Copia is using organic Bibb and Boston lettuce. They want to be on the safe side.  Criscuolo told News 8, “I know that romaine is loaded with iron and is super delicious and perfect for a caesar salad, but we are going to wait.”

Alexa Stanger added, “I think it’s really important for restaurants to think healthfully about the hygiene behind the food that they are serving.” Rachel Dow said, “I think that that’s probably a safe idea. Better safe than sorry.”

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According to the FDA, romaine lettuce entering the market will be labeled with a harvest location and date. Still, some restaurants are holding back from serving it. 

Criscuolo added, “Right now, they are putting labels on ones that come from the district that is safe, but what if a label goes on one by mistake? We are not perfect, so I’m going to wait.”

Because of the outbreak, the prices of other greens have gone up. Claire’s Cornor Copia is eating the cost. 

Criscuolo told News 8, “It’s costing a little bit more money, but the way I look at it is it would cost a whole lot more if, God forbid, you hurt somebody. It would be terrible. We would never forgive ourselves.”

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