MIDDLEBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — We are always hearing more about artificial intelligence and how this technology can be used to improve lives. Now a Connecticut hospice location is using the technology in death.

“When they get to the grieving process those final days those final moments are so important,” said Charlotte Mather, Vice President of Nursing Operations with Hospice at Accent Care.

They use the technology at their hospice location in Middlebury to help zero in on when a patient’s last days may come. It is called predictive analytics, and it helps to provide proper quality of life.

“Could we get to their bedside, when they need us the most? Could we give them services when they need us the most,” Mather said.

Hartford HealthCare Innovation Ideation Lab using AI

Mather said the artificial intelligence program takes in every bit of medical, physical, psychological and vital information on the patient and is 90 to 95% effective.

“It looks at all of those inputs, over nine hundred inputs, it reads our notes, and then it makes a prediction based on all of that,” Mather said. “It looks at those three-day ranges, three days, seven days, 12 days.”

The knowledge can provide valuable planning insight for a final goodbye.

“It allows us insight to say yeah it’s time to come. If you want to be in person, if you want to hold their hand, now is the time to be here,” Mather said.