Ask any 13-year-old about vaping flavors, products, and why kids do it, and they can probably fill you in.

“It makes you look cool. People do tricks with them and stuff and people think ‘oh, I want to do that,” said 13-year-old Zaneya Tolson.

That’s why Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro stopped by New Haven’s Celentano Biotech Health and Medical Magnet School. She filled the students in on her bill titled “The Youth Vaping Prevention Act”.

It would do three things. One, it would require mandatory age verification on sales. It would tax it. Lastly, it would get rid of flavors she believes targets kids. 

We reached out to the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association.

Their spokesperson, Alex Clark said:

“While we agree that the industry can benefit from clear guidance regarding age verification and marketing practices, Congresswoman Delauro would be better serving 36 million people who smoke, and their loved-ones, by promoting safer alternatives to cigarettes like vapor products. Restricting flavors and raising taxes on vapor products takes options away from people who smoke and protects sales of cigarettes.”

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“It’s a different issue for adults, but what we’ve looked at in the last year is escalating numbers of middle school kids and high school students who are vaping and I would bet anything that their focus group data says this is their market,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D).

She says she also wants to kick off a prevention program in Connecticut schools called Don’t Get Fuul’d. 

As for Celentano Biotech students Kaniyah Parker and Zaneya Tolson, they think it’s all unsanitary and just not for them.

“Nobody’s going to clean it off after their done, and two, it’s not my scene as much,” said Parker.

Tolson said, “Trust me, I’ve been there to try to fit in…Trying to be like other people because I never felt okay in my own body, but it’s like, you have your own mind and you’re more capable than you think you are.”