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New peanut allergy pill undergoes testing


(ABC News) — Toddlers like Benjamin Gurango usually get shots at the doctor. Instead, he’s getting a dose of almond butter. Through testing, allergists see first hand what Benjamin can tolerate. Prior tests showed he’s severely allergic to peanuts.

“It’s just going to be about teaching him that he can’t eat peanuts, he can’t eat peanut butter and why,” explained Benjamin’s mother, Amy.

“Food allergy can be life-threatening, so it causes a constant worry in people,” said Dr. Marks Cogan.Related Content: Spring officially arrives this month but for allergy sufferers it can cause misery

For some just a taste could cause a anaphylactic shock Until now, avoidance is the only treatment.

Dr. Katie Marks Cogan says Benjamin is a good candidate for a new immuno-therapy called AR-101. Preliminary research on these pills looks promising.

After a year, “about 70 percent were able to tolerate one peanut kernel,” Dr. Cogan stated.

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