(CNN) – The U.S. ranks lower than 38 other countries when it comes to children’s survival, health, education, and nutrition, a new report suggests.

The research, published in The Lancet, ranked 180 countries based on data that used various factors to measure the extent of which a child was given the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

This included child survival rates, years of school, teen birth rates, maternal mortality, prevalence of violence, growth, and nutrition.

The U.S. came in at number 39, with Norway ranked first overall and the Central African Republic coming in last.

To improve outcomes among children, some of the recommendations by researchers are for countries to stop excessive carbon emissions, tighten regulations around commercial marketing of junk food, alcohol, and other harmful products, introduce new policies to protect children’s health, nutrition, and rights, and incorporate children’s voices into policy decisions.

The study also ranked countries based on excess carbon emissions, which researchers say will prevent younger generations from having a healthy and sustainable future.

When it comes to sustainability goals and excess carbon emissions, the U.S. ranked near the bottom at number 173.