New study shows that keeping your brain healthy could start with your heart


(ABC) – In the new millennium, you’ve heard the expression that 50 is the new 30; and that many of us might end up living 90 years or more.

The growing concern is how to keep your brains cells as alive as the rest of you?

A recent study has found that the answer lies, in a way, in your heart. “Life’s simple 7” – seven simple health behaviors and factors to keep your heart healthy – turn out to protect your brain.

So count them up. It starts with four healthy behaviors to follow:

  • No smoking
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Maintain an ideal body weight.

Then add three health measurements to aim for:

  • Keep your blood pressure less than 120/80
  • Keep your cholesterol at less than 200
  • Keep your fasting glucose (a measure of blood sugar) at less than 100.

The more you prevent, the more you’re likely to actually enjoy your old age. Remember your seven, and age is more likely to be “just a number”!

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