NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — There still is not a cure for multiple sclerosis but some of the leading experts in the field say new therapies are emerging.

Dr. Sharon Stoll, a Yale Medicine neurologist who specializes in MS, said there is “hope in the field that didn’t exist before.”

For example, she said some of the new drugs and treatments are aimed at stopping white blood cells from attacking where and when they should not.

She said it does not have to be a disabling, debilitating neurologic disease. She compares it to other diseases that can be controlled by medication, like high blood pressure.

“That’s how I kind of look at multiple sclerosis now. That even though we don’t have a cure, we have something that can prevent that disability, prevent significant damage. Once the disease is diagnosed, if somebody goes on treatment, a lot of treatment, a lot of medications now, where what physicians do is prevention,” Stoll said. “It can be something that is a lot of that disability, a lot of those new symptoms can be prevented if on an effective medication from the beginning.”

She said not to be scared to see a neurologist because you are scared of the diagnosis. She said it is not as scary as it used to be and does not mean someone will end up in a wheelchair.

Stoll said early diagnosis is very important.