NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The FDA has approved eye drops called Vuity that make reading up-close easier, which is welcome news to many who rely on reading glasses.

Yale Medicine Ophthalmologist Vicente Diaz said as people age it becomes harder to see up-close.
It has to do with a part of the eye called the lens.

“When we are younger, the lens is able to change shape,” explained Dr. Diaz.

Age changes that and a condition called presbyopia can develop where the ability for the lens to change shape diminishes over time.

“And so you need a little bit more power to see up close and that’s why we need reading glasses.”

Doctors are already familiar with Vuity after using it for other conditions.

“The medicine that’s being used here is one that we’ve known about for a very long time and we’ve known about this property of it for a very long time but it’s the first time it’s been approved for this purpose,” said Dr. Diaz.

The drops have to be used daily.

“When you use the drops it starts to kick in in about 15 minutes. It peaks in about an hour and then depending on how your body gets rid of it, it lasts for six to ten hours.”

Dr. Diaz says the drops would not be ideal for reading a novel, but instead, for shorter tasks.

“If what you’re trying to accomplish is read a menu at a restaurant, or see who’s texting you, there are lots of situations where you just need a little bit of near vision for the activity that you’re doing.”

The drops have warnings with some rare retina detachment, iris inflammation, and cornea issues so talk to your doctor. Other side effects are also possible.

The drug is not covered by insurance, so a 30-day supply costs about $80.