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Not getting enough sleep after having a baby? How long can it last?


Parents of a newborn sacrifice sleep for several reasons: Feeding schedules, diaper changes, trying to find time for their own self-care. 

Scientists looked into when sleep deprivation is at its worst, and when parents feel they finally get a good night’s sleep.

Over 4,000 parents recorded their sleep satisfaction after the birth of their child, and it appears to be the most impacted three months after delivery.  

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Unfortunately, although it gets better, parents did not feel like they had returned to pre-baby levels of sleep for six years.

Sleep satisfaction was not affected by age, gender, income, or even marital status. It sure seems like all parents are in this together. 

We know that sleep is important, so to all you new parents, prioritize sleep by setting a bedtime routine, keeping it consistent, and seeking help from your doctor if you feel like you aren’t able to do it alone.

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