Nutrition is key for improving your game this golf season


(WTNH) — Golf season is in full swing! According to the National Golf Federation, one out of every three Americans over the age of six played golf, watched the sport, or read about it in 2020.

Many want to improve their game — but they often overlook a key element — Discussing why nutrition is key when it comes to golf or day to day life is registered dietitian and founder of Confident Health, Pat Baird.

Maintain stable blood glucose

• Glucose is the main and best source of energy for the body and the brain
• Steady glucose levels help focus and concentration
• Skipping meals or snacks lowers glucose, diminishes focus & concentration, and means poor performance
• Plan snacks wisely; they help maintain glucose levels and contribute to hydration

Reduce inflammation

• Inflammation, which affects muscles and joints, is created or reduced through diet and the environment
• Sugar, fatty foods, alcohol, lack of sleep, cigarette smoking all increase inflammation
• Seafood (Omega-3 fatty acids), fruits and veggies are among the most potent inflammation fighters.
• Avoid sugar, honey, jams, muffins and any added sugar. That spikes blood glucose causing a rapid rise and then a rapid drop. These spikes zap energy and destroy focus & concentration
• Beware of bars! They often have high amounts of sugar. Read labels carefully!

Maintain Hydration

• Fluids are important even in cooler weather.
• ‘You booze, you lose!’ — alcohol pulls fluid out of the body and lowers blood glucose
• Start drinking water at home to ensure good hydration by the time you get to the course

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