New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – There are a few COVID-19 nasal vaccines in human trials. For some the idea of a nasal vaccine is appealing for a few reasons, one being no needles.

Yale Medicine physician Arjun Venkatesh says there are nearly half a dozen candidates being looked at.

“That means no shots and they could work right in our nose where the coronavirus initially seeds itself and attacks the body,” he explains.

Dr. Venkatesh says nasal vaccines could be easier and more effective.

Those nasal vaccines could become available in a matter of months.

“So if they work well they could prevent us from not only getting severe covid or pneumonia, but they could actually prevent us from getting covid at all.”

And now word of a universal covid vaccine candidate is being researched.

“What some researchers have done is they’ve taken sequences or genetic sequences of coronaviruses from around the world and found that they were able to build a model that was able to identify 305 different proteins that are on different coronaviruses.”

He says this could lead to our first all coronavirus vaccine.

“That wouldn’t just work for the variance of today, but the variance of tomorrow, or even new coronaviruses in the future.”