(WTNH) — Summer has hardly broken a sweat and for many children, camp is coming up soon. A sign of life as we knew it before the COVID-19 pandemic returning to normal. But not all kids will be comfortable with the return.

Dr. Ryan Loss of Connecticut Behavioral Health says some kids will be happy to get back to “normal,” but not all.

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“Those other individuals who may have a little bit of a predisposition to some anxiety, because they’ve been outside of the norm, reentry into the norm may pose some anxiety.”

He said the kids aren’t in that same routine, so switching and getting back into it could create some “discomfort for them, and some fear.”

As a parent, pay close attention to your kids. Dr. Loss said that there are some things to look for. “There can be some physical signs. You can see some nail-biting. You can see some disruptions in sleep, disruptions in appetite. Asking lots of questions.”

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Those questions are the “what ifs”, the “well, I don’t know about this,” or “Could this…?” Or even trying to find excuses to not go back to camp. Dr. Loss says that what you can do is to have their children talk about their past experiences.

“Think about what you did before, how camp was there. How did that go for you? Getting them to recall those past experiences can for many children, bring back positive memories,” Dr. Loss explained.