Stopping potentially deadly internal bleeding within minutes


WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – A new way to stop severe bleeding gets the okay from the FDA.

Uncontrolled bleeding in surgery could be fatal. Now, doctors can reach for a new option in the operating room.

“Doctors on many cases were just simply using gauze and holding pressure or using more expensive product,” says Stephen Fanning – who heads up Wallingford based Z-Medica – the maker of Quickclot Controlplus.

It took five years to develop based on earlier products for external bleeding. The FDA recently cleared this first and only non-absorbable hemostatic dressing for surgical patients with aggressive internal bleeding.

Fanning explains, “By that product hitting the blood, it basically is able to accelerate the clotting process so – this is for very, very difficult bleeding.”

The key ingredient – Kaolin.

He says, “It looks like a little powder. It just looks like powder.”

But it packs a punch when it comes to stopping the bleeding.

“The kaolin is imbedded into this,” says Fanning, “and this happens to be a strip in case – god forbid, it’s ever left in the body. It’s x-ray detectable and we can go in and take it out.”

Here’s how it works.

He demonstrates, “They can wrap this product and hold it with pressure and when you do that for two to five minutes, kaolin then basically accelerates the clotting process in the body and allows the clot to form and a life is saved.”

It will be manufactured here and should be available for surgical use sometime early next year.

It’s the latest product developed by Z-Medica – aimed at controlling massive bleeding.

Police officers across the country — including the LAPD – Chicago PD and NYPD — already carry versions of the product for external bleeding.

And every school in Wallingford is also equipped with it — all donated by the company.

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