Study: Height linked to risk of stroke


(ABC News) — Being height-challenged between the ages of seven and 13-years-old increases the risk of stroke later in life.

That’s according to researchers who say they’ve discovered a link, even though, at first, there seemed to be no connection.

The study followed more than 300,000 people. Because we think of height as largely determined by our parents and genes, you may think there’s not a lot that can be done to help.Related Content: First blood test to help diagnose brain injuries gets US OK

But, a mother’s diet during pregnancy or what a child eats growing up both affect height.

Childhood infections or psychological stress can also stunt growth.

Since the number of stroke victims is expected to increase in years to come, researchers are eager to find any way to make a difference.

The song and short of it is that it seems some of the variables are set decades before a stroke impacts a life, hopefully giving you time to take preventative action.

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