Study reveals medicinal cannabis may not help people with chronic pain in the long run get good night sleep


(ABC News) – New research shows that medicinal cannabis may not make it easier to sleep in people with chronic pain in the long run since a tolerance can develop.

Researchers at the University of Haifa analyzed the sleep quality of 128 people who were being treated at a pain clinic.

What they found is that one in four (24%) said they always woke up early and were not able to get back to sleep.

One in five (20%) reported always finding it difficult to fall asleep and around one in five (27%) said they woke up during the night.

They also found that increased frequency of use of medicinal cannabis was associated with greater difficulty falling asleep and more frequent waking during the night.

The findings of this study are important because there is increasing use of medicinal cannabis for purposes like sleep in patients with chronic pain.

And with long term use, it may not prove helpful for those with sleep problems.

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