Study shows when taking meds — it’s as much about when as anything else


(ABC News) – Our body-clocks affect almost every organ – our hearts, our stomachs, our brains.

But new work from U-Penn suggests it might affect how our medications work too.

What they found was surprising – the effects of 75% of the medications depended on the time of day people took them.

And this was significant across a broad swath of conditions – from arthritis, to cancer to high blood pressure.

But there are still thousands of other FDA-approved drugs where we don’t know about the importance of the time of day.

Doctors say more research is being done to understand how the body clock influences drugs’ effects.

Remember – it’s not recommended that you make any changes to your medications without speaking to your doctor.

But in the future, many more of our pills might come with extra instructions about when it’s best to take them.

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