NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WNTH) — The summer of 2021 is here. Finally, a time for kids to finally relax rules, and have fun. But some of that fun brings more injuries. One pediatrician weighs in on where to rush your kids if they get injured this summer.

“They’re running around. They’re happy to see other people even if they’re masked they’re just happy to see their friends, their cousins, their family,” says Pediatrician Foong-Yi Lin with Yale New Haven Health’s Northeast Medical Group.

She says as a result of this fun there is a rise in walk in and urgent care visits in the summer. Dr. Lin prefers patients call their pediatrician first.

“When you’re at the pediatrician’s office they know the information, even if it’s a covering doctor they have all the information.”

She says that information, or medical history is key along with who the provider is at a walk-in clinic.

“They may not be seen by somebody who specializes in pediatric diseases or who is not aware of the child’s history. The family dynamics, mental health, immunization status.”

Dr. Lin says that information can affect the diagnosis and treatment. She is ok with a walk-in clinic if the pediatrician’s office is closed and unable to see the child.

She lists the conditions that can be treated safely there: things like colds, the flu, ear infections, sore throats, allergies, a UTI, and sprains.

Dr. Lin says to never hesitate to go to the emergency room for things like respiratory distress, allergic reactions, head trauma, loss of consciousness, prolonged bleeding, severe pain, and broken bones.

She recommends following up an urgent care visit with a call or appointment with your pediatrician so the issue can be followed if needed.