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Tax Break for Breastfeeding

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(WTNH) — It seems as though the IRS has finally recognized what we nursing moms have known for a while – our milk is ‘liquid gold’ and should be encouraged!

The Internal Revenue Service is now giving nursing mothers the chance to write off nursing equipment such as breast pumps and other nursing supplies. Moms can write off these expenses as medical deductions. Breast pumps can cost several hundred dollars and those costs go up when you factor in all the additional supplies needed to go with the pumps and breast milk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has been urging the IRS to make this change.

“For years, the AAP has been urging the IRS to recognize that breast milk is not just the best and most natural food for infants; it confers well-documented health benefits on both baby and mother that cannot be obtained any other way,” the AAP wrote in a statement following the announcement. “The IRS has finally acknowledged this medical fact, and we applaud them for changing their regulations accordingly.”

The AAP recommends mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies for the first six months.

To deduct these expenses, your medical costs must exceed 10% of your adjusted gross contributed to this report

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