Think twice before skipping breakfast


A new study confirms, if you skip breakfast, you are more likely to gain weight

That study in “Experimental Biology” followed 347 healthy adults with a normal weight or body mass index over 12 years. 

Researchers found that people who never ate breakfast or skipped breakfast more than three times per week had a higher waist circumference.  

The most weight gain was found in those that never ate breakfast and the least weight gain in those that ate breakfast five to seven times per week.

Eating breakfast helps to decrease cravings later in the day that can lead to unhealthy choices.

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Eating a well balanced breakfast can also help to control portion size of the rest of the meals and decrease overeating.

While eating breakfast can help you lose weight, the calories you consume should be less than you use in order to do that.  

This means that meal choices in general should be well- balanced in order to see weight loss. 

Exercise is also still important for muscle building which helps to burn calories as well.

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.

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