‘Tide Pod Challenge’ can have long-term affects on health


(WTNH)–If you haven’t heard of the “Tide Pod Challenge,” in which kids eat laundry detergent, it sounds absolutely crazy.

It’s happening around the country, including here in Connecticut, and kids are getting sick. Eating Tied pods. Tim Brewer from Wethersfield knows about it.

“I have seen a lot of videos on social media of people doing it,” Brewer said. What does he think of it? “Stupid!” he said.Related: Tide Pod Challenge: YouTube is removing ‘dangerous’ videos

There’s a big warning right on the side of the bag, ‘do not eat or swallow.’ But so many kids are doing it, and getting sick, and ending up at the hospital, that Tide had their spokesperson, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, make a public service announcement.

“What the heck is going on people, used Tide pods for washing, not eating,” ‘Gronk’ says in the announcement.

So if a warning from Rob Gronkowski won’t deter you, how about a warning from an emergency room doctor about what these do to your insides if you decide to put them in your mouth and eat them.

“It is detergent it is designed to take out the waist, and it will strip away the inside of your body. It can actually cause them harm and damage,” said Dr. Cynthia Price, an emergency room doctor at Hartford Hospital.Related: Poison control calls ‘spike’ due to online laundry pod challenge

Price says some of the pods have bleach in them, which do more damage over a longer period of time.

“It can actually have long-term consequences, they can cause some narrowing of your airways and your digestive track, not just for this year but for this year to come, you will have consequences,” Price said. “Just say no!”

If you do have a friend or know someone who ate a Tide pod and is having trouble, call 9-1-1 immediately and they’ll get you the help you need.

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