What you need to know when buying CBD products


Christopher Morrissey relies on medical-grade CBD for his health issues.
It’s the compound in the cannabis plant  — that doesn’t make you high. 

He says, “It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxilitic, anti-psychotic. It covers a lot of different things I have to deal with.”      

Which includes — rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD
Now other drugs prescribed are more tolerable for Christopher.  

“With the CBD and medical marijuana,” he says, “I was able to lower the medications until there wasn’t side affects.” 

Dr. Stefana Pecher says, “CBD itself is a wonderful anti-inflammatory molecule that acts on receptors that are found in our very own endo-cannanoid system.” 

Family physician Dr. Pecher is Christopher’s doctor. 

She explains, “It just functions to balance equilibrium in all body systems.”

Christopher gets his CBD at designated marijuana dispensaries in the state — where before it’s sold — it is tested thoroughly for it’s purity. Something not every state requires.     

Dr. Pecher says, “It tells us it’s CBD one to one.”    

When it comes to purchasing it online – Dr. Pecher says make sure the source is reputable.

“If you’re just blindly buying something on line.” she says, “And you don’t have any idea where it’s coming from – not good. You maybe causing more health problems for yourself.” 

Products infused with CBD oil is growing. 

Dr. Pecher says, “If you’re talking about a hemp oil in a lotion that’s sourced in a safe Vermont countryside organically, go for it.  There is no THC in there or it’s negligable and it cannot be absorbed in the skin.”   

Read the label – important Dr. Pecher says because there’s really very little oversight.
That’s what she did when a company tried to sell her their line.

She says, “And I looked at the back, and it was loaded with dyes and chemicals. So this is not an organic product? correct, yet it’s touted that way on the website and on the package.”    

Dr. Pecher has been studying the use of CBD for several years now.
Here’s something else she’s worried about — hemp is used to clean up environmental disasters — it soaks up the toxins. 
If the same plant is then used for CBD products — the toxins could be passed on to you. 
That’s why she stresses knowing the source of the CBD. 
Dr. Pecher offers a free monthly cannibus seminar in North Stonington

New England Medical Cannabis Seminar and Support.
Free — Last Wednesday Every Month at 6:30p.
391 Norwich Westerly Road 
North Stonington

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