HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — With an early and active flu season in Connecticut, and across the country, emergency rooms are bustling and hospitals have been fairly full, depending on the day.

“This is probably one our more robust seasons of influenza since probably the 2010-2011 season,” said Dr. Ulysses Wu, Hartford HealthCare’s chief epidemiologist.

Wu said a normal flu season peaks in mid-February. Not this year.

“We’re probably going to see it peak late January, but again these are just predictions,” Wu said.

Wu advises people to get a flu shot. He said it’s never too late, and wants people to know it does not give you the flu.

“Even if it’s not a perfect match, which we think it is a pretty good match, it will still modify the course of the disease so it still makes sense to get your influenza shot,” Wu said.

He said COVID-19 cases have been rising since Thanksgiving. He is not calling it a spike, like previous years.

He expects to see COVID-19 cases to also peak after the holidays.

“I think it may peak around the same time influenza peaks, and it will maintain a high level throughout February,” he said.

Some positive news is that hospitalizations at Hartford Hospital have gone down slightly in the past few days, with the facility at around 77% capacity.

Wu expects numbers to rise and said the hospital can handle it.

“Are they poised to be able to handle any further rises?” he said. “Absolutely, and then there are surge plans in place not just at Hartford HealthCare, but I’m sure at other hospitals.”