Last year was a really nasty year for the flu and the Connecticut Health Department is trying to keep it from spreading.

A law on the books is now being enforced which states if Pre-K students will not be able to attend school if they don’t receive the flu vaccine.

Steven Rogers is an emergency room doctor at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He says schools are a breeding ground for the flu. Without the vaccine, in tight playrooms and classrooms with lots of young children putting things in their mouth, it’s an influenza incubator.

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“So if all the kids are vaccinated they have a much less risk of getting the flu we here at Connecticut children’s all of our staff get vaccinated… Is the flu vaccine bad at all? No unless you are allergic to some of the components, otherwise there are no long lasting affects except good ones!”

Doctors say the vaccine will not make you sick. That’s a myth! New Haven Public Schools is drawing the line in the sand. Coming January 1: no vaccine, no school.