Will Connecticut residents see less ticks this summer?


It’s been a serious and life-threatening disease that’s plagued Connecticut for decades.

From pets to people, it’s kept Dr. Goudarz Molaei and the tick testing lab at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station very busy.

Tick population reached peak levels in April and May.

Over the last handful of years, even in the winter, the team received hundreds and hundreds of tick submissions. This winter, things have improved.

“We have received a little over 80 submissions. In other words there’s at least a several fold decrease in tick population,” Dr. Molaei said.

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This is in part due to a lack of snow this winter, so less snow means a lower tick population as we head into spring. So, does that mean we’ll see less ticks during the summer time?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

There will be an average year, but not extensively high tick numbers if we want to compare it to 2017.

But remember, it only takes one tick to ruin your life, so inspect your body anytime you go outside, and make sure you protect your pets too!

Part the hair on your pets over the entire body, because deer ticks can be very, very tiny.

Oftentimes, you’re going to save them from getting a transmittable disease.

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