NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The trend of working from home has brought mixed results for both companies and employees. Remote work has made a lot of people happier with the freedom, but now doctors are now seeing negative health issues that have come with the trend.

“Physically, people working from home miss out on the work-related daily movement and exercise they get from going to the workplace,” said Dr. Rohan Khera, Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine.

“Climbing a flight of stairs, going from one end of a long hallway to another. Those seem like minor activities but all in all they add up to several thousand steps a day,” Dr. Khera said.

He says that daily work activity is often enough to preserve and maintain cardiovascular health, but it can be lost working from home, unless people are diligent about exercise.

Dr. Khera said that working from home and exercising just once or twice a week is not enough to be heart-healthy.

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“And so clearly on average the net effect has not been more exercise but less, which I think will have longer-term effects on individuals,” he said.

One trend Dr. Khera is seeing in people who work from home is weight gain. Partially from being less active and having access to food, all day long at home.

“The separation of meals became a little more blurred as people worked from home,” he said.

CDC research revealed how physical activity helps to improve overall health, quality of life, brain function and reduce chronic diseases like cancer and dementia.

There are also the mental connections and friendships made at work, which are strongest in person.

“It has lost the social connection to a certain extent with society, their colleagues and friends, and the sense of job security and other factors that come from being in a community that you work with closely,” Dr. Khan said.