NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — President Joe Biden raised some eyebrows by declaring that the pandemic is over on Sunday. While events like concerts and conventions may be back without mask mandates, a Yale doctor disagrees.

“A pandemic is when there is an infectious disease that has spread around the world that is at levels higher than its historical baseline, which we are definitely in,” explains Dr. F. Perry Wilson with Yale Medicine.

He points out that roughly 450 people a day are dying in the United States.

President Biden’s remarks about the pandemic did not result in a change in any administration policy over the virus. The nation remains under a public health emergency through mid-October when it will be re-evaluated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Dr. Wilson says that Connecticut has seen a roughly 50% rise in covid cases in the past 2 weeks.

“That’s that’s more than most states, by the way,” said Dr. Wilson.

The rise is not just in covid cases.

“We’re also seeing a bit of an uptick in hospitalizations. The health system has around 160 patients with covid who are inpatients right now from a low. A recent low of around 60. So I think we’re starting to see a bit of an upswing,” explains Dr. Wilson.

He says there is no evidence of a new variant, that it could possibly be from the return to schools, and something to watch.

He points out that everyone 12 and older is now eligible for the new bivalent covid vaccine booster, which targets the omicron variant. That variant now spreading rapidly.

“They could get it right now. Supplies are still coming in. It’s flu season too, I’ll point out, in flu shots are available. I’m a big fan of the two for one, you know, get your get your two injections at the same time and just be done with it and you’re good for the winter,” said Dr. Wilson.

Doctors advise waiting at least 2 months to get the new bivalent booster from either your initial two vaccines or your last covid booster.