WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTNH) – Yale School of Medicine Professor of Immunobiology Akiko Iwasaki, Ph.D. was among the top researchers invited to speak at the White House Summit on the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines today.

Dr. Iwasaki was among a few scientists working on developing a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine that would keep the virus from entering the body.

“We inhale these virus particles, they land on our nose, in our mouth on our throat, and in the lung and start the replication process,” explains Dr. Iwasaki.

During the panel presentation she pointed out that our current vaccines produce a robust systemic response to covid, but they do not provide mucosal, or nasal immunity.

“So this would result in reducing not only infection but transmission as well.”

Funding and human trials make the reality of alternative vaccines distant right now, which is what the White House event is meant to shed light on.

Professor Iwasaki urged collaboration between the government, private sector, and academia for quick action on nasal vaccine trials.

“And that requires a significant us government input both resource and help with manufacturing and delivery as well as acceptance across the society,” explained Dr. Iwasaki.

And research on using the skin to fight covid, with a band-aid-like patch which is also under development by Micron Biomedical.