OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) – While snow fell in some parts of the state, it looked a lot different along the shoreline.

There’s expected to be less than an inch of snow along the CT shoreline, but high winds, rain, and downed power lines, as well as rising water, threatened the shoreline.

“Lots of heavy winds, almost tropical storm-like. Tree limbs coming down, branches all over the roadway, now our concern is the flooding,” Old Saybrook Police Chief Michael Spera said.

Areas across the shoreline put both cars and homes in jeopardy.

“We want you to move your cars to higher ground and if wires go down, do not investigate yourself,” Spera said.

On Main Street in Old Saybrook, downed power lines created traffic issues. In East Lyme, a tree went down due to high winds and rested on powerlines.

“There’s a lot of water, about three feet in our house over there,” Paul Powers, a homeowner said. “We prepare for this every year,”

Police warn that if people pass by bodies of water, they shouldn’t drive through them.