NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Nothing will bring back the lives lost to senseless gun violence or change childhoods stained by trauma and death.

“My son wasn’t a troublemaker. He was a shining light to a lot of people,” said Sean Reeves.

There of moments of hope in Waterbury.

“I realized how much more people I want to look at me for the good I do instead of looking at me for the bad things I’ve done,” said Caydon Riola.

Healing in New Haven.

“For them to know that somebody cares, side by side with them that cares after they’ve been a victim of violence. That’s huge,” said Pepe Vega.

Joy in Hartford.

“Even though life can be hard, sometimes, there are people out there who care,” said Lexlian Rosa.

In all of this, the police play an important role. With more guns crossing state lines and the list of perpetrators growing, there isn’t just one solution to the problem.

“We can’t just arrest our way and enforce laws out of situations,” said Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo. “We need to take a look at what is impacting our community the most and it’s a complex situation.”

Fighting gun violence means everyone plays a part, no matter where they live.

“Every time somebody is shot or stabbed, that has a direct impact on the whole community that they’re in. We need to look at a totality of circumstances to serve our community and we need to look at what our community’s needs are,” said Larry Johnson.

There are solutions happening in Connecticut that are working, lives that are changing, and hope for healing.

News 8 would like to thank all of the organizations that allowed us to share their stories of gun violence and prevention in Connecticut.