House leaders plan to move on $15 Minimum Wage bill tonight


It is estimated that there are over 300,000 Connecticut residents working in minimum wage jobs across the state.

It was raised from $8.70 to the current $10.10 over a three-year period during this decade.

“We have workers in this state that have been going through pain for decades. The wage has not kept up with productivity,” said Rep. Robyn Porter (D-New Haven) the co-chair of the Labor Committee.

Governor Ned Lamont and many other Democrats campaigned last year on raising the wage to $15 per hour.

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This bill would raise it over the next four years. 

Under this proposal, the minimum wage would go up to $11.25 next year, $12.50 starting in 2021, $13.75 in 2022 and to $15 per hour on January 1st of 2023.

16 and 17 year olds could be paid 15 percent less for a training job or temporary summer job for up to 90 days.

The House Minority Leader, Rep. Themis Klarides (R-Derby), said, “What people don’t understand is; it’s not going to be that people are going to be paid more money, there’s going to be less jobs.” 

Eric Gjede of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association added, “That’s going to be really harmful to, especially to small businesses out there struggling to get by in this economy, which still has not yet recovered.”

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The bill does contain a compromise for the restaurant business. The current lower hourly rates they are allowed to pay employees that receive tips would remain unchanged and fixed for the next four years.

That’s $6.38 for wait staff and $8.25 for bartenders. 

There was some indication from the Governor’s office that he was not pleased with this last point and that negotiations were continuing. House leaders intended to bring up the minimum wage bill sometime Wednesday night.


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