NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Whether you are hosting a Fourth of July picnic or traveling to one, it is going to cost you more.

Here in Connecticut, people are not going to let that stop them.

“July Fourth is such an American holiday and the American road trip is just so ingrained in the souls of Americans,” said Fran Mayko, a AAA Northeast spokesperson.

The business News 8 saw at Forbes Premium Fuel in East Haven appears to back that up.

“People just want to be out there. It doesn’t matter anymore to them. They want to be out there, they want to go to work, they want a vacation, they want to bring their kids out and we’re trying to stay competitive with everyone else,” said Linda Hennessey, owner of Forbes Premium Fuel. “We’re hoping it reached its peak, and we’re on a downward trend right now. I think people are noticing that and hopefully it’s gonna stay that way.”

Despite historically high gas prices, according to AAA national estimates, 48 million people are going somewhere and about 88% of them will be driving.

Hector Estremera of West Haven said he is not going to let the price of gas stop him.

“…actually right now it’s lower than last week. Last week it was about six bucks, and highway driving is actually less expensive, you know, as opposed to driving in the city,” Estremera said.

Some might be willing to stay at home with family and friends, but with food prices rising, a traditional July Fourth barbeque will also hit your wallet hard.

According to a recent Wells Fargo inflation report, hosting a party of just 10 could cost about 11% more than last year.

For some, the combination of rising gas and food prices is just too much.

“…when it’s costing me 2-300 bucks a week to fill up two vehicles. This costs 90 bucks a week. My other vehicle costs 80 or 90 as well. It definitely takes a toll on me and my family,” said Christopher Hunt of Clinton.

However, that seems to be more the exception than the rule. As Mayko puts it: “The term is, the buzz word is, revenge travel.”

If you are driving to celebrate the Fourth of July, AAA suggests you check for any maintenance your car might require in advance.