NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The terror group ISIS is targeting more than 100 military members in the U.S. and we know some of those who were on that list  have addresses here in Connecticut.

A group claiming affiliation with ISIS was able to get a hold of names, photos and addresses using social media. The list that was published had the names of 100 U.S. troops, calling for attacks against them and News 8 has learned that atleast one of the addresses on that list was in Manchester.

Also a short time ago, police confirmed that there was a Berlin address on the list, but the person who was named no longer lives there. The whole situation is prompting some to re-think their online and social media activity.

“People who are working in law enforcement and in the military have to remember that when a decision is made to post a photograph or other personal information on Facebook or other social media, that information is not only accessible to friends and family but also to criminals, terrorists and foreign intelligence operatives,” said a digital social media expert.

To find out more on how ISIS located the two Connecticut service men, watch the video above.