(WTNH) – Have you felt like food prices are higher than they were last year? Well, you’re not wrong.

Food costs have spiked 11.4% over the past year, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re browsing the grocery store, here’s a look at some of the most notable food price increases. The item that seems to have increased the most in price is eggs with a 39.8% increase since last August.

Milk has increased by 17% with bread just slightly behind at a 16.2% increase since August 2021.

You may not be baking as much as you were last year since the price of flour increased by 23.3% and the price of sugar increased by 2.4%.

Fruits and vegetables are up in price by 9.4%.

Did you cut back on grilling this summer? Chicken prices are up by 16.6%, ground beef prices are up by 7.8%. But, the price of steak went down by 3% since last year.

Another grocery item that decreased in price from last year was bacon.

So, why are food prices continuing to rise? Pandemic disruptions, the war in Ukraine and soaring energy prices.